So you did not randomly see her yesterday?

I shall never forget your kindness.

You were busy last week.

I want to hear all about it.

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Do you know how to start a fire using just sticks of wood?


Those who live in houses made of glass mustn't throw stones at the houses of other people.

He won't be ready.

He persevered with the hard lessons.

I think this is a conversation for a much later time.

Cory's injured.

Milton had that universality which belongs to the highest order of genius.

He attends medical conferences.


I never saw it.

She went out to get something.

No one will suffer.

You should meet him.

Did they say why they couldn't pay their bill on time?

I tried to warn Plastic.

I'm so lucky to have someone who cares.


He was very kind and responsive.

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I need to speak to her alone.


I really had a good time.

He lost all his possessions.

I really need a hug.

I couldn't let Carlo go.

I guess I'm getting used to it.


I think you might be happy here.


I look down on you!

How annoying!

They become nervous.

I really don't understand these kids and their "face books". Back in my day, we read real books. They had no battery life, and they wouldn't break if you dropped them. Don't get me started! In the winter, we had to walk to school in two feet of snow, uphill both ways.

Bring the key.


If there had been a problem, Gretchen would've called.

They agreed on a joint statement.

We have received many orders from the U.S.

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He rang back three minutes later.

When are you planning to begin?

I know how they did it.

I thought the key opened everything.

Raj is in the kitchen right now.

Tigger winked at me.

I really respect Hamilton.


It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America.

I thought you said you knew how to speak French.

She's the real racist.

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Don't talk to me now.


It stands to reason that workers are paid.


It cannot be denied that he is guilty.

You'll have to do it, whether you like it or not.

May I presume to tell you that you are wrong?

The captain was so angry he refused to give the crew shore leave.

I went shares with my cousin in the profits.

Have you ever had a stillbirth?

They made Heinz an offer he couldn't refuse.

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I wish I could tell you who that is.

Poets cannot live without love.

I can only afford to buy a used car.

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Syun likes to drink chilled water in hot weather, while Tollefsen prefers hers at room temperature.

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Roger ate the chicken with his fingers.

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How much longer are we going to put up with this noise?

Floria just got arrested.

Our dreams came true.

I couldn't think who she was when she spoke to me.

What are you going to take this semester?

I need to apologize to Ann.

Because no man can speak my language.

If I knew him better, I would tell him the truth.

A more plausible proposal is the one Leech presented in conjunction with Emmet's theory.


Mark the correct answer.

He has an acute sense of observation.

I'm surprised Theo isn't busy today.

The loss must be made up for next month.

Angela isn't qualified to teach high school.

This is the fourth year of King John's reign.

If it's a simple piece of music, I can sight-sing it.

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Sid didn't mention that he'd met Kamel.

They say that she has been ill in bed for a week.

As the plot unfolds, the mystery becomes clearer.

Jared couldn't smell anything.

Where do you buy clothes?

Does Father know you've broken his watch?

These apples are big.

You are feeling it, aren't you?

I enjoyed the concert except that the hall was cold.

Is Rajendra an artist?

Morgan finally got Vladislav's attention.

Now isn't a very good time.

Let's compare this dictionary with that one.

I don't know what has become of the boy.

My attendance is necessary.

What he said surprised me.

It's probably just a rumor.


Our business is done here.


Silently, she looked out the window.

A giant lizard is destroying the city!

You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

You didn't tell Chuck anything, did you?

Tolerant never gets headaches.


He is ashamed of his father being poor.

He's likely to be late.

I have a friend who has a house in Boston.

When I was a child, I always went to the sea to swim.

When two powerful forces with opposite ideals come face to face, it's time for a showdown.

Jeremy gave Benjamin an engagement ring.

You're all happy.

The mother kissed the child.

A person will come that without words will make you feel like a nobleman.


I don't know when the machine must be turned off.


We still don't know what happened during the last minutes of the flight.

Nicolo is very safety conscious.

My parents are always dependent on him.

I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

I hope they don't name their dog Cookie.

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There was nothing for me to eat.

I'd like to return this book.

Have you guys seen them?


I'll give Deborah another chance.

We can't sit there looking wistfully on as this city falls into decay.

The contents of the letter were secret.

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There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

We're ignoring them.

There's a condition.


I took it for granted that he would stand by me.

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I'm scared Jeanette is going to kill me.


We just kind of lost touch.


It wasn't just that she didn't blame him - she actually praised the guy.

It's going to get rough.

Yumi can't finish it in a day.

You're the one who taught me how to do this.

In the autumn, the leaves on the trees become yellow.


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year.

Tomas wanted to kiss Vladislav goodbye, but knew he shouldn't.

I will have him mend my shoes.


We keep the doors locked now.

Should I tell Joyce you're coming?

Don't you have any feelings for her at all?

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Hello? Whom am I speaking to?

My father, in his infinite wisdom, has forgotten to bring the tarp again.

I'm over eighteen.

You were thirty minutes late.

It's Floyd's birthday today.

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Murph made a reservation for three days at the Hilton Hotel.


Was there fresh bread in the box?

I've got to see someone.

Sam wrote that book.

While long-term credit banks are authorized by law to issue bonds to raise fund, they are not allowed to take deposits the way ordinary banks are.

We're not quite sure why this happens.

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In spring days are not always warm.

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Matti saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Sue.


Her new hair-do made her look younger.

He bowed to me as he left the room.

Where did you get the hat?

He's lazy and dishonest.

He is always spoiling for a fight.

I've seen my dog sneeze but never my cat.

It might be a bit big but this envelope will do just fine. It's better to be too big than too small.

This page contains technical information that might be useful when you're trying to solve a problem.

No matter how rich one may be, one cannot live happily without health.

Ramesh has a good command of French.

The three primary colors are the basis of all the other colors.